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Netflix Is the New Relationship Battleground –

“It comes down to who gets the queue,” said Michelle Newton, 37, a homemaker and mother in Leland, N.C.

A few nights ago, I put in Run, Fatboy, Run.

“This is a chick flick,” Eric stated about twenty minutes in, and while I have a soft spot for Simon Pegg and British humor, Eric is less of a fan.

“That’s cool,” I said. “Switch it off. I’ll watch it later.”
(He did and I did. In the end, I found Run, Fatboy, Run to be fairly funny and not quite the usual chick flick.)

“One of these days, I’m going to request a movie you don’t like,” he said.

“That’s going to be tough. Anything I don’t like, you *really* don’t like.”

Of course, a couple days later, I shared the Netflix password so Eric could use the Watch Instantly feature.  I’m not worried about queue tampering as much as admitting to all the junk-movies I consume.

Smell like Spider-Man as Marvel debuts cosmetics (and more) for women | SCI FI Wire

This is like creating and marketing a substantial line of scrapbooking supplies featuring beer, sports iconography, and scantily clad women to take advantage of the ‘untapped’ male scrapbooking market.  I realize there’s an adult girl-geek market for this sort of stuff, but it’s a niche market. Overall, the number of girls and women that are interested in bobble-headed superhero t-shirts is pretty small, and won’t be substantially increased by the offering of said bobble-head superhero Ts. It seems that there are things that get treated as untapped markets when they are simply small markets to begin with.

Personal Best – Caffeine – A Legal Performance Booster –

“Athletes do not get dehydrated from caffeine,” he added, “contrary to popular myth.”

And caffeine does increase the heart rate and blood pressure in people who are not regular uses. “But after three or four days, that potentially negative effect is gone,” Dr. Tarnopolsky said.

Alas, two hours after waking, I am already in the land of diminishing returns.