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I never claimed to be normal.

The Neuroscience of Yoricks’s Ghost and other Afterimages: Scientific American
I have trouble with afterimages some times. I can close my eyes or even just glace away from something I’ve looked at for a second and see very vivid, long-lasting afterimages. Are my neurons adapting too quickly and abnormally slow at the reset?

I also seem to have a mild form of face blindness. (Probably more like a bad memory for faces (prosopamnesia) than prosopagnosia.) Despite teasing about not recognizing an actor in a different role, I never thought about it too much. Until I was introduced and reintroduced to a fellow disc player about four times over a short period of time. I still often don’t recognize him. He’s not the only one, but the most extreme example that’s occurred. In retrospect, I’ve always had more trouble recognizing female faces (which probably contributes to my social anxiety within the context of female groups) and have generally been attracted to men with strong features.

I’ve suffered from an extreme case of all-of-this-sucks over the last couple of weeks. Of course, it doesn’t all suck, but I get into those moods. I stumbled through a week of lackluster work and less than disc than is preferred. This week, I really need to be over it.

Yesterday was busy. Eric and I attended the morning and afternoon sessions of ASU’s Origins Public Symposium, ducking out before the Nobel panel to get to an early disc game. The lectures by Pinker, Krauss and Venter were particularly interesting. I’ll probably check back in a few days to see if some video of the weekend events have been added.

Disc was good. Plastic Falls is out of crossover play and solidly won over one of our fellow Monday teams. Only two weeks left in the season, which makes me a little sad. Last week, my body felt pretty good and I pretty much wasted the time being inert. This week, my body isn’t doing so well, but I’ll manage.


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