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Book #7 – Body Rides by Richard Laymon

What a mess of a book. 

I’m a fan of Laymon.  I know that his works are not great literature.  They contain large amounts of sex and violence, and that’s part of their charm.  Laymon’s books are a guilty pleasure, a big bag of thin-cut potato chips that are fun going down and leave you feeling a little sick and greasy when you’re done.  Usually. 

Body Rides starts with a semi-interesting concept (a magic bracelet that allows one’s spirit to enter the body of another), but doesn’t do anything meaningful with it.  Then we’re introduced to a character and sub-plot–involving a long rode trip–and doesn’t do much with that either.  It’s sort of like a very long and-then-this-happened without structure.  Granted, that is how life is, but fiction should have a little more overall…plot.  The back of the Leisure Book edition says "Author’s restored version!"  I wonder if the non-restored version is better.  Or at least shorter.


Windy, tiring day.  I played disc at noon, but underdressed.  I was fine while I played, but waiting for the bus was cold and uncomfortable.  I got back home and was really tired.  I should have napped then, but I stayed awake until Eric got home and we had dinner.  Feeling better now.  I should get some work done.

Been watching Dead Like Me via Netflix.  Interesting little show.