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I’m in slow-motion today, which is often my day-after-a-night-of-disc state.  My body has been pretty creaky these last couple weeks, mostly due to weather.  We’ve actually been having weather.  Last Wednesday we had cold 25 mph winds.  Today we’re up to 99 degrees.  Mostly, it’s been my hands and feet giving me problems.  At least those parts are easily taped and menthol-ed.

Strangely, I’ve felt pretty good while playing disc.  Not when rowing or lifting weights, certainly not when jogging, but lace me into some cleat and put a disc in front of me and I’m good.  That’s probably because I prepare better before disc than when I just head off to workout.

Last night’s game was the last of regular season.  For once, the outcome of the last game actually meant something for us for the standings.  Win, we move up to second.  Lose, we stay at third.  We were playing the team that sat at the #1 spot until they were beat last week.  And, by game time, Melanie and I discovered we were going to play the game savage.  And our team did quite well.  We played solidly.  Considering Melanie had played at a tournament over the weekend, I felt a little bad about sticking her with Alex (the opposition’s female captain), but Alex played over the weekend too and was probably the worse off.  Melanie was open all game.  We took an early lead and never gave it up.  Hence, we’re 2nd for the season and top of the B pool.  Pool play is Saturday.  While there’s a Monday consolation bracket, I’d *really* like to make it to the championship bracket next Wednesday.

What I did yesterday aside from disc and disc-related stuff:
Obscure Music Monday: Unto Ashes
I reeeaaally need to get some work done.

Tempe wins ‘Wolverine’ premiere
Which means Hugh Jackman will be within 2 miles of me!

Lifehacker – Expensive Running Shoes Aren’t a Necessity – Exercise
The painful truth about trainers: Are expensive running shoes a waste of money?
I have always been at war with shoes. I have flat, wide feet and have always been more comfortable barefoot. Shoes hurt. But running in shoes with little arch support hurt too. Although, I’m often more comfortable running in my cleats. Is that only because I’m running on softer ground (rather than concrete)?

A few trips to Circle K ago, the cashier (who is way too familiar with Eric and I) warned us that our favorite energy drink, GazZu, would soon be discontinued. This is very sad, especially for me that has a difficult time finding a calorie-free energy drink that doesn’t take like crap. But I don’t think that
Alien Energy Jerky: Caffeine Laced Beefy Goodness will be my replacement product.