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May tribbles eat your kibbles…

So, what has been going on lately in Katherine-land?  A bit of this, a bit of that.

Spent Monday whittling down Pas de Chat‘s synopsis to one page (and then shorter than one page to accommodate formatting), and by Tuesday afternoon sent her out to six more agents.  As usual, there was much moaning and fretting about guidelines. This was somewhat defused by serendipitously timed blog post by Nathan Bransford and by the longest, kindest form rejection letter I have ever received. (Three of my six submissions were by email; two of which I quickly received responses to.) The agent had obviously taken time and put forth effort in its crafting.  I try not to be grumpy at agents when all I get back is a three line email or a poorly photocopied half sheet of paper. It’s easy to forget there are people, busy people on the other end of my query letters. But it is nice to get a response (even a negative one) that acknowledges that there’s a busy person on this side of the query too.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to see Star Trek. (Over Wolverine, in fact.  I got curious.) I will confess, I am a Star Trek fan.  My mom was a big fan.  I’ve met William Shatner and I’ve accidentally tripped Walter Koenig.  I own a stuffed tribble and a small titanium insignia magnet.  I’m not a rabid fan, but fan, I am.  I had very low expectations for the movie.  A younger Star Trek.  A “reboot” of the franchise.  Directed by JJ Abrams of all people.  How could this manage to be good?  It does and doesn’t.

The science and the extension of technology from the present to future, is terrible.  Granted, if you’re staying true to the setting of Star Trek as put forth in the original series, the science and the extension of technology will be terrible.  Unfortunately, it didn’t seem particularly consistent with the original series level of technology either.  But really, I didn’t expect this aspect of the film to be any good.  The call backs and nods to the original series were somewhat poorly handled in my opinion. Those things were done for the fans, but should have been done much more subtly. There were also some joke-y aspects that I could have done without.  Often, it felt as though the writers were trying too hard to wink at and nudge the audience.  Also too many things that just struck me as incredulous.  Prime example: where exactly *is* the canyon in Iowa?

Ultimately and surprisingly, what I did appreciate the movie is the “reboot” quality.  Restarts happen often in comics, often in tabletop gaming.  I’ve even sort of done one between two novel drafts.  Essentially, you want to keep the things that are good, but tweak those things, shake them up, make relationships different. To pull this off, they had to be gutsy about it.  To the credit of Abrams and his writers, they were. They offer fans a way of excepting this new Star Trek and maybe even look forward to more stories being told in this universe.

Yesterday kind of devolved into a goof-off day.  We went out and played disc, grocery shopped, and finished watching The Wire.  If I were to be balanced, I would now go on for three paragraphs about how good this show is.  Alas, there’s usually less to say when something is good.  We watched all five seasons over the past couple of months.  I picked it from Netflix because it was an HBO show that I hadn’t heard much about.  It is very good.  It’s well written, well acted, well produced.  At its base is the crime in Baltimore, MD.  Over five seasons, the stories are told from the POV of the cops, the criminals, the lawyers, the politicians, the school system, and the media.  It gives an excellent view of the criminal organizations and the non-forensic procedural aspects.  It’s further proof that television at its best could be better than movies.

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