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Exercise, Movies, How much should an ebook cost?

Had a good workout this morning that left me energized instead of wiped out.  I also took my measurements again, for the first time in a few weeks.  I had noticed that about 2-3 months ago that I had gained some weight.  Nothing major, but instead of being at the low end of my +/- 2 weight range, I was staying at the high end.  My clothes weren’t fitting differently as far as I could tell and I wondered whether the extra couple pounds could be muscle.  Before league finals since about January, I had been doing more weight training.  Eric suggested I measure myself, though that was of limited value since I had no baseline.  Well, after a few weeks of doing little in the way of weights (or much else), I’m down to my base weight and I’ve lost some arm and leg circumference.  Now that my back is feeling pretty good, it’s back to rowing and weights for me.

Set up and started registration for women’s league over the past week. I’m considering playing if only to become familiar with all the new ladies that are signing up.  And I could really use the second game in my week.  I will miss two games due to our trip to Omaha that’s coming up in June.  I’ll probably hold off until the end of registration to see how numbers fall out.


Recently watched a couple of movies of note:

Body of Lies
: A very overlooked film from last year.  A political thriller with Russel Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott, directing.  Very well written and good looking too.

Next: Nicolas Cage is a man that can see two minutes into the future (based on a Philip K Dick story, obviously).  The movie is flawed in some areas, but I have to give the filmmakers credit for ambition.  Plus, it’s just a fun movie.


How Much Should an E-Book Cost? –
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Ahead of the reread. Fancy that.

Book #10 – The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

Yes, yes. I *know*. The Lord of the Rings is meant to be one book. I’m a slow reader and not above padding my numbers. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m following along with a reread of the series that’s being blogged at, but this is my first reading. Again, as a kid, fantasy was the red-headed step-child in my otherwise heavy reading household. I never touched The Hobbit until some time after the first Peter Jackson movie came out. I attempted to read LotR a while after that, but bogged down somewhere on the way to Bree. Tolkien does go on about geography and sometimes not in a way that is immersive for the reader. Honestly, the writing isn’t always the best, and part of that is due to the age of the work. Language and storytelling pace has changed in the past 50 years.

One thing that has struck me, especially when compared to the movies, Tolkien is very subtle in establishing peril. It’s a very long time before we get a look at the nazgul and subsequent fights are handled quickly. It does give a firmer impression of the drudgery that "adventuring" would be. Lots of walking, bad food.


All I need now is a Dune series reread. Maybe then I’d get through God Emperor.

I’ve signed up for review copies through LibraryThing. I doubt if anything will come of it, but I wouldn’t mind writing an occasional review in exchange for a free book.