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May weather, More movies

After two full weeks of 100+ temperatures, we finally received a much needed reprieve on Wednesday.  I do believe 14 days in a row is a record for May.  On Monday night, there was some wind, dust, and lightning, but nothing came of it.  Wednesday started pleasant with clouds that lasted pretty much through Wednesday disc.  It cleared up a little in the afternoon, but it was too late to get uber hot.  Since yesterday morning it’s been cool and cloudy with occasional persistent sprinkles.  Would I appreciate these days as much if not for the 14 AC-inducing days that preceded it?

Eric and I have been having a hard time getting much work done.  He did quite well this past semester and we’ve been celebrating a bit.  We went to Efes, a Turkish restaurant, yesterday to cap it off.  Today, I really need to get a few things including a mountain of laundry I’ve been ignoring.

Movies watched:

American Gangster as part of a loose Ridley Scott double feature.  It was alright, though nothing special.  We’ve been spoiled by The Wire; the unsophisticated nature of 70s crime pales in comparison to the challenges of modern crime.  One thing that struck me while watching American Gangster and Body of Lies is that both movies suffer from some of the same problems that Blade Runner has.  Mainly, the occasional plot jump or a setting change that is disconcerting to the viewer.  The viewer has to spend a moment considering what they seem to have missed instead of paying attention to what is going on.  That’s a big problem in Blade Runner and that’s why the voice over is sometimes necessary. Scott’s gotten better though and it’s a shame that Blade Runner didn’t come along later in his career.

The Changeling (2008). For a Clint Eastwood film, it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be.  The acting was solid and the look of the fim was great, but the structure was somewhat disjointed.  I wonder if cuts had been made for the sake of run time, and it does run long with maybe one ending too many.  For me, this was a very difficult movie to watch, probably second only to Black Hawk Down.  Both have a certain quality to them, a feeling of dreadful inevitability.  You know that whatever steps a character is taking to make things better, it’s only going to make things worse.