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I meant to post most of this Tuesday. Eh, oh well. Currently, I’m trying to ward off an impending migraine and it’s really not working. Ow.

Trying to get back into the habit of being productive. I seem to have contracted a severe case of lazy and full recovery has been elusive. Mostly took Monday off since it was a holiday. On Tuesday, Eric and I had a meeting about Divine Fire.  Very good meeting.  We hashed out the end of the book, something that had required distance to see clearly.  It’s still a pretty complex book and there are quite a few rounds of writing to go, but seeing that ending finally fall into place is an exciting thing.  Today, I need to rework an existing scene to be more needed and less water-treading fluff.

Finally went to see Wolverine on Tuesday.  It was better than I expected; unfortunately, my expectations had been lowered by reviews.  While still a flawed film, I liked it better than Star Trek.  There were fewer instances when Eric and I traded incredulous looks (in the dark theater).

Women’s league draft was last night.  After much hemming and hawing, I registered on Saturday.  I’m on Lexi’s team and it looks  pretty good with Haydon, Marlena, and Stephanie Ritok in addition to Lexi.  Definitely some targets in that bunch.  My only wince-moment?  Learning our shirt color.  Salmon.  It’ll probably be a really great shirt design too.  

Do Girls Dream of ‘Geeky Dreamboats’? – Cinematical
I think geek needs to be defined. Is it a look (not “handsome”? wears glasses?)? Should it just be based on the roles these guys play? Or is it a state of being? I’d argue the latter. Vin Diesel? Geek. Wil Wheaton? Geek. Joss Wheadon? Geek. And I’m guessing that there are girls out there somewhere that would consider each of these guys “dreamboat” worthy.

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