Summer Doldrums

I dislike summer. I don’t know whether it’s the heat or the many years when summer signaled an end to academic pursuits and the beginning of more physical ones. It seems ridiculous that eleven years out of school I still have this state of mind. I get restless, discontent with writing. I do have a slightly novelty-seeking personality and during the summer it becomes painful for me to engage in the “same old grind.” I guess I usually take on some other project during the summer in order to add some balance. Last year, it was Critters. A couple of years back it was playing with caloric balance. I imagine it was probably during the summer that I originally took an interest in learning HTML. This summer? I’m taking a stab at learning Perl. And hopefully, I’ll manage to kick ass on the books too.

Under the heading of “Life is too short to read books I don’t like”:
1632 by Eric Flint – I read the first few chapters, but I’m not a fan of Flint’s writing style. Too exposition heavy. More description than is necessary at, perhaps, the wrong moments. And I probably shouldn’t have read the prologue. Prologues are rarely a good thing.

First game of women’s league was last night. We lost 14-7 against Joanne’s somewhat unexpectedly stacked team. We started out slow, definitely not playing as hard as our opponent. I think we should have sent some of our targets long more often too. My playing was a mixed bag. By game time, I had walked about four miles total between a trip to the mall and getting off the bus at the wrong place. Felt pretty good running, played decent defense. Had a few terrible bits of offense: gangked a backhand into the ground at a 90 angle of where I intended it to go, one-handed a catch and had it bounce off my palm, could not manage to get open on Genevieve during horizontal stack leaving one of our new girls utterly stranded. Bright spot: had a third-field backhand (that could have curved more) to Marisa for a score.

Starling Fitness » How To Eat A Cupcake: DON’T
Actually, I don’t like cupcakes either for similar reasons. Too messy. Not a fan of foods that involve paper. This includes lollipops.

Two articles that illustrate the change in my surroundings over the nearly 10 years I’ve lived here:
Mesa explores condemning Fiesta Village
Tempe light rail garage turns into retail, residential center
Eric and I spent a lot of time at Fiesta Village when we first moved here. We ate at Bennigan’s and Atomic Comics is where we put together the gaming group. Good times. The light rail is bringing interesting change to our more immediate area. Good times, potentially.

Couple other links:
Competitive Altruism: Being Green in Public – TIME
Neuromarketing » Reverse Neuromarketing: Exercise Resets Brain

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