Daily Archives: June 12, 2009

Trip on Wednesday went well, as trips usually do. Despite my screwing up light-rail fare (you can’t by a one-way pass in advance, it seems), we got to the airport with no problems at all. Using the rail and the airport shuttle probably didn’t take much longer than driving and parking either. I don’t think it’s caught on though. We were the only ones on the shuttle.

Things we forgot to pack: cash and sunscreen.
I also can’t remember if I turned off the ceiling fan.

Hung out with my family yesterday and will do so again today. Everyone was well behaved. My parents have acquired a very cool cat. He’s incredibly curious and has the attitude of everything being a potential cat toy. Including, say, my elbow. Regardless, better than a cat that continually hides under furniture.

I intend to go running this morning, but I have no idea why I didn’t pack exercise pants. It’s 64 degrees and not sunny.

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