Friday night I went out to dinner with my transgendered brother and her girlfriend. I find I still have to write sentences like that simply to convey the surreal strangeness that is this situation. On one hand, I was the least girly person in the car, occasionally being the level-head amid two giggly girls. On the other, twenty-five years of Tessa being my brother, who just happens to now wears make-up and cuter tops than I do. Cognitive dissonance will get you every time. We had dinner at a Chinese place in the Old Market and shopped a little. A generally nice evening though we had no plan and I was a little chilly.

Saturday, Tania came up to visit. We had an epic search for baklava. Katie’s Greek Restaurant was closed, so we ended up at Romeo’s. With Mexican food and pizza, Romeo’s is seemingly the default when you can’t decide where to eat. We shopped a bit, encountering an incredibly talented salesman at one of the kioks at Westroads, and then sought out Feta’s for dinner.

Sunday, Eric and I had dinner at Chad & Michelle’s in honor of nephew Aidan’s first birthday. Usually somewhat wary of strangers, Aidan immediately wanted to be held by me. We figure it’s probably because I look a little like Michelle. We both have curly hair with a high part and wear glasses. Still, it was rather befuddling to my to have a burgeoning toddler come to *me*.

On the work end, I rewrote a scene Friday while spending some alone time on my parent’s deck (which is where I am now), and “rebranded” Obscure Music Monday as Obscure Media Monday. It will probably still be mostly music, but I’m a novelty seeker. I need the flexibility to do something else. Wrote a new entry this morning:
Obscure Media Monday: Nouvelle Vague

Need to do more Hugo reading and/or go through some markets for Joanne.

UA biologist discovers new moth, names for wife
Being only part-way through my coffee this morning, my slow brain wanted to know what new names he’d discovered for his wife. Also, moth news! Always fun.

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