Daily Archives: June 21, 2009


Thursday was a good day. Met up with Amy and Karen. I hadn’t seen them in *ages*. It was great catching up if only for a brief lunch. We’ll definitely have to do it again next year.

Came home to find, through the magic of Facebook, that Kris Stamp (the hard-working proprietor of StoneGarden.net Publishing) had updated the site with third quarter titles. Including Lucinda at the Window! I now have cover art and a release date!

I spent some of Thursday updating Katherine Nabity’s Delightful Webpages with all the goodies, adding them to the cover blurb:

cover art by Mia RomanoOhio, 1901 – Lucinda Harris had been haunted by childhood tragedy all her life and worked diligently to keep those memories deeply buried. While visiting the ancient manor home of her best friend, she spots a dark stranger one night on the lawn. She finds herself suddenly plunged into a nightmarish world. Has insanity finally taken Lucinda’s mind or is it something far more diabolical?

Something is amiss in the Manor, but none of the guests or the servants can pinpoint what it is. Lucinda is acting strangely; the groundskeeper has disappeared; a feeling of gloom hangs over everything. The answer to the mystery seems to lie in a worn journal found buried in the cellar. The entries become stranger and more terrifying as they read on, until it reveals the horrible truth about the Manor. Is there a connection between the two?

None of them could have predicted the strength of the force manipulating them all…or the wrath of a woman they all thought they knew.

Since Friday I’ve been working to update EntangledContinua with a new look. I should have it done by Tuesday.

Also went out Friday with Chad and Michelle for dinner at Baby Blue and finally had sushi I considered tasty. It’s still far from being a food I’d crave, but I’d happily eat there again.

Yesterday was Grandpa’s 82nd birthday. Alas, the goodness of the last few days and the impending cake and ice cream were marred by the usual fights that breakout when too much of my family gathers in one place. It all makes me very tired. I suppose that’s the way life balances though. I should take more pleasure from the things that are good because the bad has a tendency to eat on me.

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