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Via Rebecca Rosenblum’s response to it:
The New Yorker has a review of Mark McGurl’s book The Program Era, and delves into the whys and wherefores of creative writing programs: Show or Tell: A Critic at Large: The New Yorker

I’m not exactly the product of a writing program. UNL doesn’t offer a creative writing degree, and when I switched majors, it never occurred to me to transfer to a school that did. My degree is in literature, but I took what writing classes there were, and used every opportunity to skew literature papers toward how a work was written rather than its themes. It’s hard to quantify what things in my education have made me a *better* writer. It’s more accurate to say that it’s made me the writer I am–even my “false start” in the sciences has affected my understanding of the world. I do have to give a nod to my favorite part of my writing education: the workshop.

The workshop is…a regime for forcing people to do two things that are fundamentally contrary to human nature: actually write stuff (as opposed to planning to write stuff very, very soon), and then sit there while strangers tear it apart.

There’s nothing like accountability to spur production.


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FiestaCon is this week and I have neither written enough nor read enough. Goofed off for the entirety of the weekend, but I needed it. Omaha was more drama than I care for.