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Friday night I went out to dinner with my transgendered brother and her girlfriend. I find I still have to write sentences like that simply to convey the surreal strangeness that is this situation. On one hand, I was the least girly person in the car, occasionally being the level-head amid two giggly girls. On the other, twenty-five years of Tessa being my brother, who just happens to now wears make-up and cuter tops than I do. Cognitive dissonance will get you every time. We had dinner at a Chinese place in the Old Market and shopped a little. A generally nice evening though we had no plan and I was a little chilly.

Saturday, Tania came up to visit. We had an epic search for baklava. Katie’s Greek Restaurant was closed, so we ended up at Romeo’s. With Mexican food and pizza, Romeo’s is seemingly the default when you can’t decide where to eat. We shopped a bit, encountering an incredibly talented salesman at one of the kioks at Westroads, and then sought out Feta’s for dinner.

Sunday, Eric and I had dinner at Chad & Michelle’s in honor of nephew Aidan’s first birthday. Usually somewhat wary of strangers, Aidan immediately wanted to be held by me. We figure it’s probably because I look a little like Michelle. We both have curly hair with a high part and wear glasses. Still, it was rather befuddling to my to have a burgeoning toddler come to *me*.

On the work end, I rewrote a scene Friday while spending some alone time on my parent’s deck (which is where I am now), and “rebranded” Obscure Music Monday as Obscure Media Monday. It will probably still be mostly music, but I’m a novelty seeker. I need the flexibility to do something else. Wrote a new entry this morning:
Obscure Media Monday: Nouvelle Vague

Need to do more Hugo reading and/or go through some markets for Joanne.

UA biologist discovers new moth, names for wife
Being only part-way through my coffee this morning, my slow brain wanted to know what new names he’d discovered for his wife. Also, moth news! Always fun.

Trip on Wednesday went well, as trips usually do. Despite my screwing up light-rail fare (you can’t by a one-way pass in advance, it seems), we got to the airport with no problems at all. Using the rail and the airport shuttle probably didn’t take much longer than driving and parking either. I don’t think it’s caught on though. We were the only ones on the shuttle.

Things we forgot to pack: cash and sunscreen.
I also can’t remember if I turned off the ceiling fan.

Hung out with my family yesterday and will do so again today. Everyone was well behaved. My parents have acquired a very cool cat. He’s incredibly curious and has the attitude of everything being a potential cat toy. Including, say, my elbow. Regardless, better than a cat that continually hides under furniture.

I intend to go running this morning, but I have no idea why I didn’t pack exercise pants. It’s 64 degrees and not sunny.

Links of interst:
Adults, Especially Women, Have Calorie-burning ‘Brown Fat’
Götterdämmerung Halluzination
Rajeev Motwani, a Professor Behind Google, Dies at 47


Today, we head to Omaha for our yearly visit. Aside from some dishes and making sure there’s nothing potentially smelly left behind, the apartment is refreshingly clean. Which doesn’t really make me want to leave it, but it will be nice to come home to. The weather has also been ridiculously nice this past week. Not that it isn’t fairly nice in Nebraska this time if year, but 90 degree days in AZ in June are something to be cherished.

I’m more in the mood for this trip than I was last night, for instance. I’ve been displeased with my general work ethic and not getting much done for another two weeks doesn’t seem like a good idea. On the other hand, getting away and doing something mildly different for a while might be exactly what I need. Nonetheless, at the moment, I am not excited about writing even though the ending of Divine Fire is right… …there. And this book is getting good! I just wish for once I was just reading it instead of writing it.

As for the trip, we’re taking the rail to the airport in an effort to avoid airport park cost. It was getting to where it was nearly $100 even with Motorola/Freescale reduction.  *cough*  I’m also putting my mail on hold for the first time. This may not sound like a big deal, but I’m pretty neurotic about mail. Who knows how many rejection slips I might miss if my mail doesn’t get delivered?!

But first!  We’re going out to Weds disc and then probably nabbing a gyro from Niro’s.

Summer Doldrums

I dislike summer. I don’t know whether it’s the heat or the many years when summer signaled an end to academic pursuits and the beginning of more physical ones. It seems ridiculous that eleven years out of school I still have this state of mind. I get restless, discontent with writing. I do have a slightly novelty-seeking personality and during the summer it becomes painful for me to engage in the “same old grind.” I guess I usually take on some other project during the summer in order to add some balance. Last year, it was Critters. A couple of years back it was playing with caloric balance. I imagine it was probably during the summer that I originally took an interest in learning HTML. This summer? I’m taking a stab at learning Perl. And hopefully, I’ll manage to kick ass on the books too.

Under the heading of “Life is too short to read books I don’t like”:
1632 by Eric Flint – I read the first few chapters, but I’m not a fan of Flint’s writing style. Too exposition heavy. More description than is necessary at, perhaps, the wrong moments. And I probably shouldn’t have read the prologue. Prologues are rarely a good thing.

First game of women’s league was last night. We lost 14-7 against Joanne’s somewhat unexpectedly stacked team. We started out slow, definitely not playing as hard as our opponent. I think we should have sent some of our targets long more often too. My playing was a mixed bag. By game time, I had walked about four miles total between a trip to the mall and getting off the bus at the wrong place. Felt pretty good running, played decent defense. Had a few terrible bits of offense: gangked a backhand into the ground at a 90 angle of where I intended it to go, one-handed a catch and had it bounce off my palm, could not manage to get open on Genevieve during horizontal stack leaving one of our new girls utterly stranded. Bright spot: had a third-field backhand (that could have curved more) to Marisa for a score.

Starling Fitness » How To Eat A Cupcake: DON’T
Actually, I don’t like cupcakes either for similar reasons. Too messy. Not a fan of foods that involve paper. This includes lollipops.

Two articles that illustrate the change in my surroundings over the nearly 10 years I’ve lived here:
Mesa explores condemning Fiesta Village
Tempe light rail garage turns into retail, residential center
Eric and I spent a lot of time at Fiesta Village when we first moved here. We ate at Bennigan’s and Atomic Comics is where we put together the gaming group. Good times. The light rail is bringing interesting change to our more immediate area. Good times, potentially.

Couple other links:
Competitive Altruism: Being Green in Public – TIME
Neuromarketing » Reverse Neuromarketing: Exercise Resets Brain