Daily Archives: July 11, 2009

Working on bringing my web presence under the Entangled Continua umbrella, including my Live Journal here. In addition to that, I’ve been dealing with a couple days worth of migraines, caused by a combination of weather, hormones, and over-caffeination. On the subject of migraine auras I found the Migraine Aura Foundation. While I haven’t read enough to decide if any science on the site is valid, they have some interesting aura art and animations. This one is particularly familiar to me, except mine is slower (this is probably sped up for effect) and eventually bursts open and sort of slides to the edge of my vision.

Via Victoria Strauss:
The truth about writers – Los Angeles Times:

Recently, I timed myself during a typical four-hour “writing” session, in order to determine how many minutes I spend writing. The answer: 33. That’s how long it took to type four pages of narrative and dialogue for my novel-in-progress, much of which will eventually end up discarded.

Cringe-worthy truth.

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