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Brought to you by the letter M…

Advertising – Got Milk? Nestlé’s Lawsuit Says Muscle Milk Doesn’t –

The brand claims to resemble mother’s milk because it contains “fast burning fats” called medium chain diglycerides, while also implying that it tastes as good as dairy, with flavors like “vanilla crème” and “cookies ’n crème.”

Not that I’m in the market for protein shakes, but the “milk” association of this product has always made me a little queasy. Interesting that it’s Nestles, without a “milk” named brand, that is filing the petition.

Unilever gets all the trans fat out of its margarines –

Food and Drug Administration rules let foods with less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving be labeled “0 grams of trans fat.” But consumer demand and pointed marketing by Smart Balance, Unilever’s closest rival in soft spreads, nudged Unilever to go lower. It will no longer mix in even tiny amounts, which added texture and shelf life. The new label, for the first time, will boast: No hydrogenated oils.

Competition results in better products, picking up on the FDA “fail.” Yay capitalism.

From the land of shameless self-promotion:
Obscure Media Monday: Music: A3 (or Alabama 3)
Also, as if anyone would be interested in reading what I read:
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Google Reader has gone all social media on me.

Fall league is revving up. Or leagues, I should say. There will be two: a regular T/Th league and a super-spiffy Friday night league. I need to get on the ball putting a few things together for both. I did minimal work on it yesterday because I really needed to get some writing done. I haven’t done much of anything *this* morning due to an alcohol-filled gaming session with Eric and Chris last night. I went to bed at around 4am and am a little teeny bit hungover today. I probably need more coffee. And pasta salad.