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I haven’t posted about ebooks in, like, *days*…

Quality Control: It Matters | Booksquare:

I asked this question in the narrow context of ebook prices, addressing, specifically, the issue of lousy final layout in digital books. So much effort goes into the acquisition, editing, and marketing of a book. So much is destroyed when the final product is near-unreadable. It’s hard to argue for the value of a book when the publisher of that book throws a sloppy edition at the market.

Interestingly, I had never thought about the gaming industry in the context of ebook before this article. The gaming industry went semi-electronic years ago. They use PDF format and produce some slick graphic-and-tables heavy documents. As far as I know, most of them are DRM free, and most are a decently reduced price over their physical copies. How is this working out? Is piracy taking too big of a chuck out of them? Or have electronic versions been seen as cheap to produce and distribute; gravy atop regular sale mash potatoes?

YorkWriters: Trading in Wooden Blocks: Readers and the Ownership of eBooks:

Let us be clear. … You have NEVER owned the books you “bought.” You owned the blocks of wood on which they were printed, the ink, the glue, but not the words themselves. Those were offered to your on a limited license.

The problem is, publishing houses still want to charge a price that is not much lower than buying the content *and* the block of wood. I suppose this can be seen as the cost of convenience, but the simple fact remains: when I buy an ebook, I am getting a different product and perhaps less of a product.


Tonight is my last game as a peach-y Desert Diva. We’re playing in finals: 5-1 Miss Read versus 4-1-1 Divas. Despite not playing very well, it’s been fun, as I knew it would be. As most disc is. Hopefully, my body is willing to participate. The monsoon weather patterns have left me on the achy side and ulti yesterday wore me out. We had low numbers in the morning and then Chris and AJ showed up wanting to play 2 on 2 at about 7pm. As is tradition it was Eric and I (combined age 73) versus them (combined age 42). Luck for us, neither had played in a while, neither was wearing cleats, and AJ is out of shape.  I think the scoring ratio was 3:1 in our favor.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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