Daily Archives: August 5, 2009

Going on and on…

I never did post a run-down of Desert Diva’s last game. We ended the epic red/salmon match-up…in a tie.  11-11. Yes, as the lights went out, Marisa was committing some foul-y D on a Miss Red player. Even caught, I don’t believe it was a score, but it couldn’t have been most than a couple yards out from Miss Red’s endzone. It was a fun game, if really messy. And occasionally frustrating since we could not get more than a point or two up on Miss Red. Personally, I played my best game of the season. It’s not surprising that this was the game I went down field the most. I did some handling, but wasn’t afraid to take off down field, and caught two scores for my efforts. It’s what I should have been doing all season. I don’t have the quickness for handler cuts. The scores were both…not easy. Bonnie almost ran down the first one, and the second was over the top of about three or four other players from both teams. More importantly, for me at least, I felt good while playing. I went for a pretty long slow run before to warm up. I taped my index finger, wore a wrist band, and mentholed my back and the top of my left calf…and felt good while playing.

Both fall league registrations are up and going. Friday Night Flights, Keith’s project, premeired on Friday. Bone-headedly, I set up a weirdness concerning PayPal and email aliases and didn’t think to mention it to Ken (VOTS’ treasurer). Since I haven’t heard anything more from Ken, I’m guessing there hasn’t been any other problems. We didn’t open T/Th league until yesterday. This league we’re going to offer wicking shirts instead of plain old cotton and it took a little time to get the details of that sorted out. Eric and I have signed up to captain on Thursdays, but are still undecided on Fridays. We had hoped to maybe get a core of Wednesday disc players together, but it probably won’t happen. And I’m not sure I want to play three days in a row. Eric would only be playing two-in-a-row due to missing Wednesday disc for class, but he hurt his wrist over a month ago and it’s still bugging him.

On Monday, we took off on the fly to see The Hurt Locker. I was happy to see that it had reached a theater near me. Very good film, one of the best I’ve seen in a while, but a little light on plot. It relies on the characters and their situation. The one thing the story does exceedingly well is building tension. Peril is established early on and is made to pay dividends.

Yesterday, Eric and I hashed out the rest of Divine Fire. At least in outline form. The goal it to have a ‘The End’ draft completed by the end of August. We’re coming up on five years working on Weordan as a project (something I want to write about in the future). We’re planning to get Model Species, the first novel of the non-series, out the door by the end of the year. So, it’s an interesting time, writing-wise. I’m still struggling with this lethargy that has been plaguing me all year.  And especially this summer. Firm goals are good things.

I hope summer has taken it’s turn now and is on the way out. School’s starting soon, and college football. Fall league is around the corner and there’s Halloween candy in the grocery stores. We had a low of 95 degrees last night. I’m ready for summer to be over.