Daily Archives: August 19, 2009

The End is Nye

Robert Weinberg once said (or wrote): “Slippers. That’s why I’m a writer. No doubt about it.”

I have to agree with that and add being bare foot at work, a morning commute that is only lengthened by the option of making coffee, and a to-do list that includes things like “Kill Signor X.”

“Officially,” I have two scenes left to Divine Fire before I can put ~End~ on it. One is taking care of Signor X; the other is a fight scene. Both scenes are analogous to ones I wrote in an earlier novel, circa early 2004. The earlier novel (Trials of Fire) and its prequel (A Soldier’s Dowry) were purer fantasy than the Weordan project. Both have been “boxed” due to ill-conceived world building and sheer verbosity on my part. I worked on Trials and Dowry for around four years. It wasn’t a wasted experience. The characters from those two novels live on and it prompted us to get serious about building a solid world.

So, yeah. ~End~ by end of the week. Only two rather tough scenes left.


My body has still been very creaky. The best I’ve felt lately was right after Weds disc. Which  probably means that whether I feel up to it or not, I should be getting more exercise. (Interestingly, after I complained about my grip feeling weak, Eric pointed out that it might not be a bad thing. It might give my throws more touch.  Considering that my in-game throws were pretty on,that might be valid.)