Daily Archives: September 1, 2009

The Plan (until the end of the year)

Happy September! There might come a day when I don’t except that September immediately equals autumn. Realistically, that’s not how it worked in Nebraska either, but it doesn’t matter. If anything, September is the light at the end of the tunnel. Or rather the impending tunnel after a long, hot stretch of track.

I didn’t get much done last week aside from finishing up the Divine Fire rough draft. I made up some 3x5s for problems and scenes that need to be written next time I work on that manuscript. Today, I’m starting a re-read of Model Species on the way to a final polish. The plan is to get that manuscript out the door by the end of the year. While still possibly taking November “off” for NaNoWriMo. Writing unabashedly on a new project for a month gives me this feeling of accomplishment in that solid word-count kind of way.

Tonight, fall league draft. I have some prep to do for that before then. Mostly printing things and taking a look at the ladies’ roster. Of course, it’s going to be tough to get much else done, really. Eric and I will be mulling choices. Many of which will go by the wayside once picking starts. Then it’s a matter of taking advantage of opportunities.