Daily Archives: September 9, 2009


Last Tuesday was league draft. It didn’t go quite as well as Eric and I would have liked from the standpoint of putting our team together. He picked 13th out of 16 captains and I picked 6th. We ended up with lots of veteran handling and some newbie-ish speed. We’ll see how it goes. On a definite plus side, I finally get to be on a team with Byron! The team name, still managing to steal from music, is Short Flick/Looong Hammer.  Maybe I’ll attempt Nate-like game summaries. Doubtful though, I have terrible memory of what occurs in games.

Draft itself went well. We managed to get just about all of the baggage requests taken care of and finished up in decent time. The days after draft were the usual chaotic mess of emails and HTML files, compounded by our league director being out of town. Thus, the first two days of ‘September’ work were pretty much given over to VOTS stuff.

We also had a few other social engagements last week and this week which plum wore me out. I must admit that a cancellation last night helped me out greatly. I am behind where I’d like to be working on Model Species, but I’m nearly caught up. I should finish the read through tomorrow night (before our first league game of the season). I also need to get some Lucinda stuff going. I am the world’s worst promoter. Unfortunately, StoneGarden is undergoing some web renovation, so linking to the book to buy it as a preorder is currently not a possibility. I really need to go through and change some links.

Today was Wednesday disc. It still holds the title of “Best Part of My Week.”  We’ve gone back to playing at noon in the warmth. It was around eight years ago that I started playing, in August of 2001. I still find the most amenable weather for disc to be the high 90s/low 100s with low humidity. Just lovely, fun playing.