Daily Archives: September 20, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Book #16 – We Never Talk About My Brother by Peter S. Beagle

I enjoyed We Never Talk About My Brother a great deal more than I did Beagle’s previous collection The Line Between (aside from "Two Hearts"; that novella is the core of that book, but I always see it as from Asimov’s instead of part of an anthology). It might be due to my general state of mind lately. I’ve been stressed and rushed and harried. This has been a little book of get-a-ways for me.   Whether to a through-the-mirror reality where the supernatural intrudes lightly (in "Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel", "The Stickball Witch", and "Spook") or to a completely fantastical world (in "Chandail"), all these vacations were needed. Lovely stuff.

I’m debating reading The Innkeepers Song again, or maybe I should finally read Giant Bones. Sink into Beagle’s fantasy world for a while.  Or maybe I need a good horror story to get in the mood for October even if the weather isn’t being cooperative.


SF/LH Week 2:

Kathi’s elbow was not dislocated, but broken. She’s out of the season for all intents and purposes. Fortuitously, Kelly Lovell-Taylor emailed Jose Friday morning after the first game wondering if we had room for a veteran player. I played on a Kelly-captained team back in 2003. That league is notable for being the first time I threw out my back. (To illustrate the turnover of players in the VOTS community, the only people on that team team that are still playing VOTS league on a regular basis are Reif and me.) Alas, Kelly had to be out of town Thursday, still leaving Kristi and me savage for Thursdays game.

We suffered from similar problems second game as first, along with adding zone defense into the mix. We kept the game tied until about sevens and then they pulled ahead. We played Big Nate’s team. In general, very tall and with Dixon. Eric ran out of juice and the rest of us made the usual mistakes. Byron’s fingers are almost back to normal and having another long thrower would be good. Since I played the whole game, and much of it versus Melanie, I don’t really remember how good anyone’s play was, including my own. I do remember Kristi making some great catches, including two scores. For the second game in a row, Eric made good on the looong hammer part of our team name, sending one to me for a score. My low point, late in the game, I threw the disc to Duane while Big Nate was looking my direction and was pretty much in the way. It was maybe a yard away from being a Callahan.