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The Return of Ice Cream Reviews

I had hoped that after Lucinda Week, I’d get back to posting more regularly. It hasn’t happened that way. September has been strangely busy. I expected things to calm down after league started and then after Lucinda Week, but I haven’t quite hit my stride with my fall schedule.

I did do OMM on Monday: Obscure Media Monday: Movie: Mr. Brooks. I might even start doing it regularly again.

Amusing link of the week:
Wondermark Fiction Generator.
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Product Reviews: Ice Creams!

I’m not a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s but Basha’s had a really good sale a while back. I figured I give a few new flavors a try.

First up,Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. My main problem with many B&J varieties is that there is too much stuff in the ice cream. I was a little worried about this one, but it walks on the tolerable side of the line. It really tastes like a good, thankfully raisin-less, oatmeal cookie. I will agree with Eric’s assessment: B&J’s ice cream often doesn’t taste much like ice cream. This was more like a creamy cookie dough than ice cream.

Next was Mission to Marzipan. I really wanted to like flavor. I like marzipan, a lot, and I was encouraged to see that there weren’t many “add-ins”. Unfortunately, it falls short. There isn’t a marzipan swirl. It’s a liquid sugar swirl. The almond cookie bits were very plain. While the first bite of ice cream did have a sweet, almond-y taste, it faded quickly and ends up tasting simply like sweet cream ice cream. With bland cookie bits.

Last, Pistachio Pistachio. This is the outstanding one of the bunch. The ice cream is good, creamy as well as flavorful. Unlike pistachio Jello pudding, this B&J variety has big roasted pistachios in it (the instant pudding uses almond pieces). And the pistachios are the weak point, actually. They’re a very variable nut. Good ones are excellent, bad ones are vile. But all in all, I’d buy this one again.


And on that note, I need to start exercising on a regular basis again. I’m currently playing ulti twice a week, but that’s not quite enough. Bizarrely, Eric is considering trying a marathon, maybe the Rock & Roll marathon in January. A pricey endeavor, but an interesting challenge.