Fame, Movie Reviews, Exercise

Woman admits embezzling from Danielle Steel – Yahoo! News
See, this is what happens when you become uber-successful. I don’t intend on becoming a rich enough author to have employees. That should avoid the problem.


Recent movie watching:

So, there’s this movie called Deadgirl. It made the film festival rounds, has been released on DVD, and I was surprised to find it available on Netflix as an instant view. I had read a review of Deadgirl before I saw it, so I sorta knew what to expect. Many people find it to be distasteful to downright reprehensible. The word misogynistic has been used to describe it too. The basic plot? Two high school misfits find a fairly attractive zombie girl tied up in an abandoned mental institution. While this movie isn’t high art (and actually I’m glad it’s not), it’s better than its offensive potential. The movie is really about how far each character will go in a situation that, in the beginning, might be morally ambiguous but lacks repercussions. Decent horror movie fodder.

Also watched Quarantine. Using the “found footage”motif, the hand-held cameras follow a lifestyle reporter as she follows firemen on a call to a building that quickly becomes quarantined. The rub? The people have been closed into the building with a something carrying a rabies-like virus. On a plot-depth level, this isn’t a great movie. On an experience-level? Pretty intense, at least superficially. There are scares in all the right places, but nothing that lasted more then the run-time of the movie.


I’m trying to get back into running and/or rowing a couple times a week in addition to disc twice a week. Okay, so I’ve done it for one week. As with most things lately, I probably won’t keep it up. But I do feel better. Well, when playing disc I have a screwy right ankle/foot and a slightly pulled left upper quad/groin muscle, but when just running and afterward, I’ve been feeling better.  (It’s all relative…)

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