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OMM and Dracula Thoughts

A new OMM is posted: Obscure Media Monday: Music: Murder By Death
I’m hoping to even out to an every-other Monday schedule for OMM and an every-other day schedule for journaling here.

Spent most of my time yesterday reading. I got behind on the Dracula chonological reread because about 1/3 of the book occurs between Sept. 30th and Oct. 4. I’ve enjoyed the reread more than I expected to. I read Dracula twice before: when I was about 15 and going through my vampire phase and then two years later in my senior year English class. I wasn’t that impressed with it. Now, with age and an English degree behind me, I can see how very revolutionary this story might have been. Borrowing from what I can pull from my head at the moment and involving no research, it seems to me that previous to Stoker, tales of vampires were somewhat rural in nature. They dealt with bad luck at crossroads and corpses that were buried too soon and Eastern European royalty that probably treated the peasants badly. What Stoker brought to the table was a smart vampire. Dracula plans. Stoker and his title character bring these horrors to civilized London where there are gas lights and phonographs and women who keep notes in shorthand. I’m not sure if that had been done before in such literature. (It’s probably also a concept that been written about by others, and I’m just now coming to it.)