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I’m not dexterous enough to be a magician…

Neuromarketing has had a couple of good posts this week:
The Neuroscience of Temptation
Got Branding?, Or Oreo, Part II (What a weird commercial.)
Also check out Sands Research Ad Favorites for a few commercials with comparative brain scans.

Science-Based Medicine » David & Goliath: A Dramatic Role Reversal Spurred On By The Media
Considering that most people still go to a regular medical doctor for their health care, I’m not entirely sure that alternative medicine is the goliath yet. It’s a squeaky wheel that getting a lot of notice, and the skeptical community is looking to see it’s influence. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an evidence-based kind of gal, and I wince every time someone I know personally mentions some cure-all that has been firmly debunked by science. But I’m also not a fan of overstatement. It’s a weakness that can make proponents of science-based medicine less creditable.

Speaking of “marketing” and the skeptical community, there’s a web series called Science of Scams. Derren Brown and company have released seven “viral” videos into the world; all with paranormal themes, all hoaxes. The point is to show how easy it can be to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Which reminded me of another series I enjoyed and recently realized was on truTV: The Real Hustle. Originally released in conjunction with the show Hustle, the perpetrators setup and reveal everything from bar bets and pickpocketing to three man thefts from hotel rooms. In a similar vein, Penn and Teller linked to Scam School today on Facebook. I’ve only watched a few episodes but it’s interesting stuff. Well, interesting if you’ve always had a secret yen to be a magician. Or a criminal.