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Outage ’09

We suffered an internet service provider outage yesterday. An entire 24 hours without home service and too lazy to go anywhere for wireless. We watched a movie, shopped, and I sort of caught up on my reading.

We watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Saturday night concluding an inadvertent Alan Moore double feature. The Tor blog had mentioned it earlier last week and I realized that I had never seen it. As with Wild Wild West, it had gotten a fairly bad rap, review-wise. In the case of Wild Wild West, undeservedly in my opinion. In the case of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I had decided not to give it a chance. *shrug* It wasn’t that bad. The lit-geek in me liked seeing this group of characters in, well, fan fiction. The set-piece action sequences went on way too long.

The other Alan Moore pic? Watchmen. I liked it better than the graphic novel. Without Tales of the Black Freighter and some of the other minor character sub-plots, it was less unrelentingly bleak. The writing was a little smoother too. Except for Rorschach’s journal. If you’re going to complain about Harrison Ford’s voice-over in Blade Runner, you really can’t like Rorschach’s “this city sucks” monologues. The action wasn’t annoying, but not particularly moving either. And there’s no love for rental DVDs that have absolutely no extras.

On the absolute other end of the movie budget spectrum, I also watched Let the Right One In. It lived up to it’s good reputation. It’s a beautifully shot film, though sometimes slow. It was suspenseful and does a nice job of being an honestly good vampire film within a story of a boy growing up. I especially liked Eli’s fascination with puzzles. That’s a piece of vampire lore that doesn’t get used enough.