Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Two Days Down

Halloween passed without much note. I didn’t dress up, I didn’t go out. Eric handed out candy. In a few months I’ll regret missing Halloween, but for now it feels like one more thing out of the way. I didn’t even stay up and start my NaNo novel. Eric and I did have another good talk about the new project and then we watched the “final” director’s cut of Blade Runner. The final cut doesn’t add much, but the movie seemed to flow better. Maybe I’ve just seen it enough times not to notice the things that originally bothered me.

I’ve gotten 1700 words done both yesterday and today. That puts me well on track, but by no means ahead. Eric read and said he was pleasantly surprised. He’s pretty excited about this project. It may be time to reap what we’ve sown with Weordan, and work in earnest on a new project.

On the subject of writing and NaNoWriMo:

Creative Review – The Art of Persuasive Writing:

Banknotes365 is a brilliant collection of notes pushed threateningly across counters in banks around the world – all juxtaposed with photos of their authors.

It would make a great case study in a copywriting workshop. Here are a few examples…

Steampunk Wallpaper has some NaNo desktops. Because word count goals should be inescapable.

Also, I need to remember Serendipity, a site full of name generators. I hate naming characters. My standby name, Eltimo, has already been used in this novel. Every novel has an Eltimo. If my novels were the real world, there would be even more Eltimos. I went through grade-school with another Kathy (hence my gradual change to Katherine) and I know at least a half dozen Erics (I can name seven without trying hard). I say, more Eltimos are in order. (Kidding, just kidding. I understand that novels are not quickly visual and therefore two characters with the same name and no qualifier can be confusing. If fact, in high school I read both Dracula and A Room with a View in close chronological proximity and confused the Lucys in each book.)