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I’m only 3578 words behind…

Meant to post since Sunday. I’ve…uh…been busy.

Around Wednesday of last week, it was becoming obvious that the direction we were going in with the NaNoWriMo project wasn’t working. Eric wasn’t happy with what I was doing and I wasn’t happy with what I was getting from Eric. And, to clumsily extend the relationship analogy, when you both fall out of love at the same time, you’re in trouble. I went through a day and a half melt-down which reaped a whole 749 words when I needed 3334. Eric and I have reformulated and since Sunday I’ve somewhat started over. Coming into week three I’m a bit behind. I should hit the halfway point on the word count today (and handily pass it).

To some extent, it’s been a long time since I’ve been an every-day writer. I tend to be a binge-and-fast writer. I work like mad to the deficit of everything, burn-out, and then avoid writing like the plague for longer than the binge lasted. Maybe that’s the way I work, or maybe that’s unhealthy. I’d like to try and find a more sane way of being a writer. If I come away from this November with a daily habit and half the ability to balance the rest of life, I’ll be happy. I don’t count on it.


Several things to file under “Don’t Complain to Me About Your Lack of Flying Car”:
Consumed – The Hype Around Augmented Reality – NYTimes.com:

For example, Yelp, the online service that reviews restaurants, bars and small businesses, has added a feature to one mobile app: point your (properly enabled) phone at a row of restaurants as if you were going to take a picture of it, and in addition to seeing what’s really there, you’ll see the Yelp ratings hovering in front of each.

Digital Tattoo Interface Turns Your Skin Into A Display – Gizmodo
How Much Power Does The Human Brain Require To Operate? « Derren Brown Blog
Those last two are on the concept end of science, but are still interesting.

As a note to myself concerning a theme that should be prevalent in my NaNo novel:
Infinite Summer: Dracula » Blog Archive » Dracula Postmortem, Part IV:

At times the book was a novelization of the worst fears of the anti-immigration crowd, a depiction of malevolent foreigners skulking into a Western country, siphoning off valuable resources, and converting people over to their side.

And lastly, something I will make a concerted effort not to be neurotic about:
Ecstatic Days » Blog Archive » How cover art influences book sales (at least, for one picky reader)