Daily Archives: November 22, 2009

The Other Half of Life

This journal has almost become a writing blog. How did *that* happen?

In the land of ultimate frisbee, fall league playoffs were yesterday, and aside from a web page update or two, it’s all over.

This season was not ideal.

Around the week of draft I realized that Eric had a class on the Saturday of finals. We decided to captain anyway because there were very few Thursday volunteers and there was a chance he could skip class, drop the class, somehow work around it, etc.

First week, Kathi broke her elbow. Fourth week, Bob broke a bone in his foot. While we were able to get a replacement for Kathi, not-so-much for Bob. Around then, Bryon also let us know that he’d miss finals due to a trip he was taking. Therefore, it became less likely that Eric should miss his all-day, meets-six-times class. Short Flick/Looong Hammer ended the season with a 6-4 record. Our first pool play game was Thursday, a rematch against Town Tricycle. Like the first meeting, we lost. On Saturday, minus Eric, Byron. Bob, and Barry, we lost our first game against the #1 Tuesday team and eeked out a win in another rematch against Midnight Passion.

Despite the short-handedness and the losses, playoffs were better than I expected them to be. My team still played hard and kept in good spirits. Overall, my play this season was decent, though I threw quite a few away in that last game. Games yesterday were at Scottsdale Sports Center, which is a lovely venue if nothing else, and we couldn’t have had better weather. I caught a ride with Reif and was able to hang around for the semis and finals games. It was good seeing people. As JT put it, VOTS is like a big family. Occasionally, family reunions are nice. Even for a disc hermit.