Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

Synopsis and Summary

I finished going through my list of “weak” words in relation to Model Species. Weak words are things like nearly, though, even, feel, up, down…I use too many of them. Also checked to make sure all my lingo was in compliance. I’ve moved on to working on a new synopsis. It’s been a while since I’ve written one so I figured I’d do a little research. A few weeks ago came across a link to the Plot Synopsis Project (probably through the #amwriting hastag on Twitter). And I was reminded of the one truth about writing: there is never one way to do anything.


I put up my tree Sunday. It’s all sparkly and cheerful. The weather has cooled and I’ve been listening to holiday music. This weekend is pretty much the end of college football season, aside from the bowl games. And yet, I still have moments of surprise when I realize it’s December. In true LiveJournal meme style, it’s that time: the first sentence of the month summary.

Happy New Year! I’ve been unreasonably stressed out lately. As I was walking through the library, headed toward the science fiction & fantasy section, a book on the end of a general fiction shelf caught my eye. I have trouble with afterimages some times. Saw this in my news feed during the week, but didn’t follow up on it until yesterday. I dislike summer. If I’m going to write up summaries, I should do so before I’m utterly sick of the con. Ms. Synder cites an incident in which her 12-year-old son watched The Ring and was seriously creeped out by it. Happy September! About a half dozen TV shows have premiered over the past week and, lacking television service, I’ve spent some time watching videos on Hulu. Halloween passed without much note. I realized on Monday that Obscure Media Monday was slightly over a year old.

I’m not sure why, but I enjoy seeing the year like this. It is as arbitrary a summary as any. There will be others. Besides, we’re celebrating the end of the 00s. That should get some note, on the arbitrary division of time end of things.