Year 35 in Review

My word for year 35? LAZY.


I think I touched every current work-in-progress this year, but otherwise LAZY.

Lucinda at the Window: Reviewed galleys in mid-February or so. Book was released in September, which I celebrated with Lucinda Week. There is more I could do to promote and sell. This is definitely an area that I’m not proficient or knowledgeable in. Tangentially, I’d like to work on maintaining a more even web presence. I have a tendency to pile-in and burn-out socially.

Pas de Chat: Sent to 11 agents. I need to follow up on a few, take a look at the remainder of the list, and decide what the next step is for this manuscript.

Model Species: Polished it on and off throughout the year. There are a few things that still need a little editing work, but this manuscript is ready to be thrown out the door. I’m working on the synopsis and submission package. I need to finish researching editors/agents.

Divine Fire: Finally finished this book. After years of working on and off on world building-aspects, we finally wrote the ending. Woot!

Fuel Eaters: My 2008 NaNoWriMo project. In January and February, I did a small amount of editing on it. Since Divine Fire and Fuel Eaters are linked to Model Species (all set in Weordan), we’re suspending work on them for a while. Both are drafted to a “The End” point, but need work. If I get a nibble on Model Species, we’ll most likely dive back into them.

New “Alterverse” Project: Did 28K of NaNoWriMo work on this. Mostly a false start. We have a skeleton plot, but lots of work needs to be done and scary-fun to be had.

As I said, I’ve been very lazy this year. There is so much more I should be doing. There was a Katherine that wrote novels on the weekends while working full-time. Where’d she go? Is it too much internet? Is it too much Eric around?


Not even close to 30 books this year. I want to read more and take “craft” notes. I’ll have a run down of what I *did* read in a couple weeks.


I haven’t worked out as much, have let my diet slip. Gained five pounds. I’ve been working more with the gate control theory of pain to control arthritis pain and taking less ibuprofen. On the TMI side, my cycle seems to be speeding up slightly. It’s odd.

Mental Health:

It seems my laziness is wearing me out. I’ve been tired this year. I dumped 101 Things in 1001 Days mainly because I was stressing about doing the things on the list. Which wasn’t the point of the list for me. Plus, I found I didn’t need it anymore. I’ve become pretty satisfied with the work I’m doing (when I do it). Also experienced some family oriented stress that was…disappointing. Is there a happy medium between letting everything slide and blowing up the world? With my family, it seems to be one of the other. I’d like a little more balance across the board.

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