A Party and a Resolution

Lovely party at Tyler and Cathy’s Friday night. Cookies and Cocktails. How can one go wrong with that? I had a nice time chatting with people, seeing some of the little ones who are rapidly getting bigger. Oddly, my current age group seems to consist mostly of couples with kids and bachelors. As usual at such parties, Eric and I stayed way too late. I think we arrived home shortly before 3am. I spent yesterday recovering.


Via Storytellers Unplugged:
5 Principles to Remember as You Battle the Demons of Creative Procrastination

Related to “Get Things Off Your Mind” and “Do Morning Pages”: I need to work on quieting my mind. I often seem to have too many dialogues going on in my head at once. It’s distracting and exhausting. I want to compartmentalize; concentrate on doing one thing at a time instead of spinning off on tangents. While I have no concrete goal in mind, I resolve to do this in the New Year.

4 thoughts on “A Party and a Resolution

  1. pageeater

    2 cents – for what they’re worth

    I’ve been doing morning pages for fifteen+ years now. I’ve had different special places at different times but if I’m home, I always have candles lit. They’re especially lovely in the morning and they center me. Candle, tea, pages. Then everything else. Begin with anything – even ‘grr – too many dialogues in my head.’

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      Re: 2 cents – for what they’re worth

      I’m going to give morning pages another shot, though usually I tend to repeat myself and then get annoyed with myself. How did I end up this neurotic?


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