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Break’s over! (back on your head)

It’s past time to get back to work. Eric’s setting some hard daily goals for me to hit and I am happy. I envy people with 9-5 jobs that don’t have nebulous encompassing projects hanging over their heads every evening/weekend. Paradoxically, being stressed about nebulous encompassing projects doesn’t make me work any harder on them. Instead I end up using the run-and-hide method of dealing with it. Not helpful. Instead, for the time being, Eric will break it down into bite-sized chunks and I can pretend the looming enormity of the project doesn’t exist.

Today, I have sent Model Species to six agents. My next task is to work on a summary of important setting and plot details for our new project, which is currently lacking a good name.  At some point in the near future, I’ll take down the Christmas tree and start spring-cleaning the apartment. Or something like that…


A couple of interesting writer-ly things:

Via Superhero Nation: Eight Facts About Writing That Surprise Young Novelists
The one I’ve had the most problem with (being a schooly in a previous life):

3. Novel publishing is freakishly competitive, particularly compared to English classes. In an English class, at least half of the papers will get As and the teacher will usually explain to everybody else what they need to fix so that they will get As. In contrast, publishers reject over 99% of submissions and won’t bother asking you to revise-and-resubmit unless you’re close. If you’re in the bottom ~99% of submissions, you will probably get a form rejection letter explaining nothing about what you need to change. So expect to submit your manuscript AT LEAST TWENTY TIMES. Probably closer to fifty.

Also, David Simon ("The Wire," "Generation Kill") says some interesting things about storytelling in an interview for