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Should I title this post, or not? Also, down with 2009.

I’m having an indecisive day.

I woke up about about 6:30 and couldn’t decide if I wanted to get up. I didn’t and eventually slept until 9. Between then and disc, I jumped from task to task like a hummingbird in a hothouse and achieved little. I couldn’t decide whether I did fairly well or fairly poorly at disc, and I haven’t decided if it’s a busy day or if I’m moving slowly. I’m muddle-headed. PMS-y.

Eric and I have decided on a name for the new novel / project: Zeta Iota. On Monday and Tuesday, I went through my notes and what I thought I knew about Zeta Iota (mostly the setting) and wrote a summary. I bumped it to Eric who annotated it and then we talked. The next step might be to go through my NaNo writings and cull what is "good" and start correcting it. Or maybe I will start new.

The first ultimate frisbee spring league emails have been exchanged. Eric and I won’t be captaining this season, which will be a change. Maybe good, maybe not.

As of yesterday, I have read enough of Erik Larson’s Thunderstruck each day to finish it in ten days. It hasn’t been *that* hard. After all, I was an English major. While not a fast reader, I could finish books because they were assignment-chopped into bite-sized chunks.

The tree is still up, though I managed to get other decorations down yesterday. Today, I cleared off my note board. Last year, I decided to start 2009 with it clear and add stuff as events happened. I’m taking down birthday cards, pictures of kids a year older and an uncle who died. Movie tickets: Star Trek, Wolverine, Drag Me To Hell, The Hurt Locker, Sherlock Holmes. Mementos from disc leagues, hanging out with friends, new restaurants, FiestaCon, Origins lectures. The cover art for Lucinda and the mock-up covers for all the novels I worked on during 2009. Some NaNoWriMo inspiration. From a fortune cookie: "You are a lover of words, someday you should write a book." I should probably crack the scrapbook and put all this stuff in it. The fortune will probably go back up. The mock cover of Model Species will stay because I’m working on submitting that manuscript. (Strangely, Pas de Chat doesn’t have mock cover art. It is, in some ways, a novel that has been given the short shrift. I need to work on submitting it again, in earnest. Probably after I rewrite the beginning. Again.) The other thing that stays is the Bene Gesserit litany against fear. (Geeky? Yes, but calming. Too often I fear when I shouldn’t.)  All in all, it was a good board.