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Week One

It’s not quite amusing when the phrase "let’s get this up and running by the end of the week" is sent in a Thursday email. Regardless, registration for VOTS Spring League 2010 is up and running, assuredly including at least one completely confusing mistake.

Last night, Eric and I had a back and forth about Zeta Iota.  We dismissed a character that neither of us particularly liked and moved forward. Today, I skimmed through the latter half of my NaNo09  manuscript and grabbed two or three details that I didn’t want to reinvent. Then, I wrote 1000 words of Chapter 1.

Model Species has received one rejection.

I really want the two important things this year to be writing and reading. The apartment will surely suffer. Lines need to be put in place to keep VOTS from sucking too much time. I have already watched much less television.

It’s been a full first week of the year.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

2 thoughts on “Week One

  1. “let’s get this up and running by the end of the week”

    You know, Ebay acts all happy-go-lucky … but I see tyrannical maniac in the making.

    1. Re: “let’s get this up and running by the end of the week”

      Actually, that comment was from Tim. Ebay’s been in the loop about a day longer than me.

      Cool disc design, btw.

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