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My Christmas tree? Still standing.

The Steve Laube Agency has a day-in-the-life style run-down of an agent’s workload. It’s good to be reminded of how much work the "other half" does, but agents and editors should also be reminded that writers are working, in the beginning at least, for no pay. When we don’t spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about what reasonable font is best for submissions, or whether a three page synopsis is okay when you asked ask for two, or whether the first line of the query letter sparkles so brightly that it can be seen from orbit, it’s because we’ve been working on the project for months or years. For no pay. Truly, all I ask as a writer is that I’m judged by my fiction writing. (Conversely, I will try not to judge agents by their web design skills.)

Work is on Zeta Iota is…occurring. I’ve written about 2K words over two days. I took the weekend off. Eric and I have talked and bumped manuscript bits back and forth. The beginning chapter is a combat scene.  I’m not great at combat scenes and there will be many in this book, so it’s time I figure out how to become better at them. My first experiment is to try plotting out combats in a very traditional "rising action, climax, resolution" kind of way and use colored cards for different combat groups. … Why do I feel I might be better at this if I were a wargamer?

My Christmas tree? Still standing. And I missed a day of reading.