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12.5K for a 5K?

Thinking about running the Skirt Chaser 5K. Running a 5K, or the like, was on my now defunct 101 things list and I’d still like to do it. I’ve been running again and 3 miles isn’t a hardship. Anyway, I had looked at the Skirt Chaser last year, and this year Casey (the social instigator) is gathering up the usual suspects to do it. And it occurs to me that this is a good carrot opportunity.

Back when I wrote Pas de Chat, the plan was to write at least 10K a month with a goal of 75K in 6 months (basically 12.5K a month). That’s not a huge number, but considering that Eric and I talked every day about Pas de Chat, like we’re doing with Zeta Iota, it might be a semi-reasonable number. I’m probably doing more intra-draft rewriting with this book than with that book. So, I ‘m thinking this: 12.5K by the end of the month. Then I sign up for the Skirt Chaser. I basically started this book on the 8th and have around 5K done.  That 7500 and clean-up in the next week and few days.