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Probably just confirmation bias…

On a scientific level, there is little evidence linking weather change to arthritis pain. On an anecdotal level, I suffered for four days while the Phoenix metro experienced a pretty decent storm. Pain in my hands and knees set in Wednesday and didn’t let up until Saturday night. That’s the worst flare-up I’ve had in a while. It wreaked havoc on my exercise plans and my will to do much more than be miserable.

Today, I went out and played some ultimate with the Intel/Freescale/Other guys. Felt decent, though it took a while for my hands to remember how to catch a disc. Quan (of Intel disc) has put together a team to play at New Year Fest next weekend; Eric is a late add. They wanted to scimmage at least once and I went to provide an extra body if needed. I’ll be helping with Frisbee Central next Saturday and playing with one of the PHX-ation teams on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it.