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Lessons About Writing that I Keep Learning

If I sit at my computer with my current WIP open for six hours and have 162 words to show for it, I need to go talk to Eric about the scene I am theoretically writing. Obviously, my brain doesn’t have enough to work with. Mulling occurs, but it’s more productive than 27 words/hour.

Every book is different. Writing 12,500 words in a month might have been the "clean" word goal for Pas de Chat. It isn’t for Zeta Iota. (I don’t even remember how it worked for the Weordan novels…)

Every writer is different, part I – Writer X writes 1600 words a day . Writer Y juggles four different projects. Writer Z wakes ready to wrestle words to words to the ground. I am not Writer X, Y or Z. Those writers are doing their things, and I’ll do mine. It’s all good if it works.

Every writer is different, part II – Writing a quick and dirty first draft works for many writers. For me, having a 50,000-70,000 word manuscript that needs *that* much editing is daunting. Daunting in a paralyzing gonna-go-back-to-bed-until-the-nasty-book-goes-away kind of way. It’s better for me to write a chunk, edit a chunk, move on. The pitfall of that method is the temptation to over-edit, but I’d rather deal with that than being overwhelmed. Again, it’s all good if it works.