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Book #3 – Hart & Boot

Book #3 – Hart & Boot & Other Stories by Tim Pratt

As I said over on the reading list, I very much enjoyed Pratt’s The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl. I liked the Western aspect of that book and, considering the cowboy figure on the cover of Hart & Boot, I was intrigued. The blurb on the back of the book quotes Tim Pratt’s writing as being Gaimanesque, and while reading this collection of short stories I realized why I didn’t care for Gaiman’s American Gods. American Gods, or at least that modern world filled with the old gods, was *not* a great collection of short stories. I never cared for the overarching plot. Pratt’s stories (or at least 11 of the 13 in this anthology) inhabit similar territory and do so in satisfying, tasty chunks. I will admit though that I wasn’t as pleased with the last two stories.  One was more on the sci-fi end and the other… I couldn’t get into it at all. I tried, really I did, but it couldn’t hold my interest.  This might be due to my current position as a writer. We’re heavily in the world building stage and I wasn’t able to fall comfortably into either of those stories. My sci-fi/fantasy cache is full.

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Since February is short, I’m thinking about juggling the list a little. Tolkien read-through is starting again  and my next book is Stephen King Goes to the Movies. It’s thick. I’d also like to read a couple of Pratt’s on-line stories tomorrow to round off the experience.