Well, then. February.

I managed to post every other day in January, even when (for better or worse) I had little to say. The trend has not continued into February. I’ve been busy and over-caffeinated-run-down. Or something like that.

Saturday was day one of New Year Fest. From 8am until about 7pm I was at the fields, hanging out and mildly helping out with Frisbee Central. Stephen So has photographic proof of my being there despite my frequent trips to Eric’s cooler and my swanning off with half of  The Nguyen’ers for lunch.  In all, it was a surprisingly exhausting endeavor.   On Sunday, I played a couple games with The PHXie Chicks. It’s probably for the best that there is *not* photographic evidence. My slightly Southern regalia consisted of jean shorts and a knotted plaid shirt. And since it was cold in the morning, black knee-highs. The games were fun, if a little frustrating at times. We lost 1-13 versus Hella Bella and 7-13 versus Phat Saxy. The second game was much more fun due to the number of Phoenix players on Saxy.

Monday night was league draft. I attended as clerk instead of captain this season. It took four hours, which is about usual. I’ve spent most of Tuesday working out the schedule, cleaning up a registration page mistake I made, and recovering from being entirely too social for three days in a row.  The advantage of sitting in on draft was knowing what team I’m on before everyone else. It’s a small coup, but I take what I can get. The team NDLB (No Disc Left Behind) should be fun. It’s captained by Betsy and Chris Nipar and includes Wednesday disc players Tyler, Cathy, and Casey. I’m looking forward to league without worrying about captainy stuff.

Yesterday was Wednesday disc, taking care of some shopping errands, and a thoroughly enjoyable "happy hour" in honor of Reif’s birthday. The quotes indicate that we left San Tan Brewery at sometime around (past?) midnight. Of all the week’s socializing, that was the most relaxing and I slept fairly well for the first time in nearly a week. At least for six hours. Body and mind are feeling…okay today.

This week has been low on writing work. I could make an excuse and say that I’ve needed some recharge time, but honestly, I’ve been procrastinatingly lazy. Time to disregard VOTS stuff for a while and work. I’m always remiss in taking care of something.

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