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I realized Friday, with a slight shock, that the Skirt Chaser 5K is Saturday. I knew intellectually that it was the 13th, the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. I had registered for it on Tuesday, so it’s been on my mind, but logging it on my calendar and seeing it a mere week away was disconcerting. Until yesterday, the last time I ran was January 22nd. That was the week of storms here in the Valley. Causation or no, my joints felt like crap. Last weekend was NYF and I was sort of saving my efforts for that and didn’t run the week before. And the past week has been NYF recovery. I had counted on there being two weeks between NYF and Skirt Chaser, but somehow translated that into two weeks between NYF *recovery* and Skirt Chaser. Anyway, I ran yesterday, felt like crap, but ended up with a respectable (for me) 3.4 miles in 30min. I’ll probably try to get another run in on Thursday, because Monday is league. I’m excited. I’m always excited for league. I have the perfect socks to wear tomorrow night.

Double Christian Bale movie weekend. Watched Terminator: Salvation on Friday night. It wasn’t very good. For a movie reliant on time-travel, it was quite predictable. The details were a bit shoddy too. As was the writing. Tonight, we watched Public Enemies, which was strangely tension-less and somewhat unfocused. There’s an interesting paradigm shift in law enforcement that occurred in the 30s and the movie postulates that John Dillinger is somewhat the cause of it, but does a very bad job of illustrating that shift, which seems to me to be where the tension lays in the story.

I watched The Right Stuff the other day on Netflix streaming (a favorite movie of mine that I haven’t watched in probably  fifteen years) and noticed something very interesting about the storytelling. For a movie about heading into space, the audience isn’t given the experience of space (spoiler?) until John Glen (the 3rd man in space). It’s a great look at delaying detail until you can pay it off properly. (I also found the female characters more interesting during this watching. Women-behind-very-focused-men is a role I can somewhat identify with. Like I said, it’s probably been a decade and a half since I’ve seen this movie. While Eric is not involved in death-defying work, there are aspects of Glennis Yaeger and Trudy Cooper in particular that are of interest to me now where before they were incredibly minor characters to me.)

Since my Firefox update now precludes Deepest Sender, I’ve move Read-on-the-Web to Tumblr. Better than lists of random links here. I suppose.

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