Daily Archives: February 17, 2010

Forks are painful.

The Spoon Theory from my point of view:
(a cached version since ButYouDon’tLookSick.com is undergoing a revamp)

I have a silverware drawer with a finite and unknown number of spoons in it. I also don’t know when the used spoons will be washed and placed back into the drawer. What I assume to be true about the situation: if I play it safe and only use one spoon, eventually I will forfeit all of them. Therefore, I occasionally think I have more spoons in the drawer then I do, run out, and have to use a fork instead.

(Where spoons are low-pain days (or something like that). And forks are painful.)

In short, I’ve overdone it in the past month.
From mid-January to mid-February:

  • Games of ultimate frisbee played: 10
  • Miles ran: 9.95
  • Drinks I didn’t pay for: 8 (Thanks Tyler, Casey, Cisco, Kuby, Dave & VOTS)
  • Words written: 6,628
  • Schemes related to writing: 1
  • Rejection letters: 3
  • Web pages created or modified: 13
  • Offers of work that I turned down: 1
  • Everquest 2 "events": 4 (and I totally missed one)

Of course, when I list it out it looks like the life of a not-very-busy geeky person. It’s just a little much for a hermit. I look forward to not doing much of anything for a while.