Book #5 – The Blind Side

Book #5 – The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

Often titled The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, especially editions that aren’t related to the movie. Once again, I’m not entirely sure how this book came to be on my to-read list. I think Lewis’ Moneyball intrigued me first, but being more of a football fan than baseball fan, I decided The Blind Side might be a better choice. And with that secondary title in mind, I was somewhat surprised to find that the current Sandra Bullock vehicle is based on this book. I haven’t seen the movie. I will eventually because, well, I like Bullock and I like sports movies.

The book has two aspects: the story of Michael Oher and, as a backbone to his story, the evolution of the offensive game over the past 30 years or so. Both are compelling, though I was probably more interested in the history. The evolution of a system (running game to passing game to defense against passing game to offense countering passing defense) is a cool thing to consider. Granted, Lewis probably gives me as much history as I really want and keeps it interesting with Oher’s narrative.


Re: Reading List

Moving Mary Reilly to later in the year and am going to take a stab at the Nebula nominees and various other short works for the remainder of February. And then March and April will be Holmes-a-thon 2010.

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