Daily Archives: February 27, 2010

Oma(ha) Update

So, on Tuesday night after talking to heart surgeon #2 (opinion #4), it was decided that Oma would go home on medications sans any procedure. On Wednesday morning, her main cardiologist came in announcing that it was time to go put in some stents. My mom was called and all hell broke loose. The cardiologist, confused by the decision, won out. In his opinion, there was only a 1% chance that things would go badly, which wasn’t the impression we were under. They put in two stents (the third will be done later) and Oma almost immediately started feeling better. They sent her home Thursday. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with her and she was moving around better than when I saw her last summer. Funny how much blood circulating through your body helps. Her main frustration now is diet. She’s low-sodium now as well as low-sugar. We’re a family that likes to eat and are pretty stubborn about our likes/dislikes. (I’ve tried to buck this trend as much as possible. Nothing particularly bad comes from trying new things.) But, my grandmother is a smart woman and with some explanation, I think she’ll do just fine. Mom, Oma, and I are going to get hair cuts/dos today, an activity that had been schedule last Saturday.

I’m getting along okay. Two layers of clothes keep me warm. I’ve been taught how to use the swanky coffee pot, but managed to melt bubble wrap on to a roaster. The cats fine my presence interesting.  I’ll probably finish reading A Slight Trick of the Mind on time tomorrow. I haven’t done anything work-related. I miss Eric.