Home Again, Home Again

Returned to AZ on Sunday night. The flight was bumpy, but generally on-time and uneventful.

For the first time in ages, I missed the Oscar awards. My plane didn’t land until 8pm and by the time we retrieved my luggage and dinner, it was well past 9pm. Not that I could have seen the broadcast anyway. Our HD reception is variable and doesn’t include ABC. But Eric bought me an Oscar night brownie and I followed the last few announcements via Cinematical’s live blog. For our yearly Oscar wager, I bet that the Best Director and Best Picture awards would be split (most likely going to Kathryn Bigelow and Avatar, but any split would win for me). Happily, I lost the bet and Bigelow won the director award and The Hurt Locker won Best Picture.

Yesterday was catch-up clean-up day. I didn’t clear my Task list, but I made a dent. While in Omaha, my website hosting was exploited. I wasn’t sure whether that was due to something on my parent’s computer/network, or due to lack of WordPress upgrade. Dinohost cleaned my pages, but I needed to make sure the VOTS site was a-okay. It *looks* that way and I’m *guessing* old WordPress was the culprit, but I’m not savvy enough to really know what’s going on.

While away, I received my copies of Lucinda at the Window. I was going to shove the copy into my file drawer with my other publications, but I realized something when I saw it together with the other four or so softbacks. I want *more*. Instead of tucked in a drawer, I wanna look up and see them on a shelf and ache for how *lonely* they look without a dozen friends. Call it a vanity shelf if you’d like; for now, for me, it’s motivation.

I’d like to say that being back to work at home is invigorating, and it is, but I know it won’t last long.

Comparing the similar section of Meyer’s The Seven-per-Cent Solution and Doyle’s "The Final Problem," I notice that Doyle uses dialogue (with very few tags) almost exclusively in his telling. And indeed, it is mostly *telling* and not *showing*, but it is the characters that are doing the speaking and as readers we are given more than enough details about what’s going on without getting prose heavy. I had not noticed this about Doyle in the past. 

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