Daily Archives: March 19, 2010

Nattering about disc

Survived another double disc Wednesday. My play at noon was rather poor. Eric and I had gone throwing on Monday, and he noted that when I throw my backhand, I’m throwing mostly outside-in and stepping too far back instead of stepping forward. Since the greatest problem with my backhand is due to my right-handedness and left-eyedness, stepping backward isn’t exactly helpful. I’m attempting to correct my stance, but in the meantime, I expect my backhands to suck more than usual. And at noon, they certainly did. I might have gotten one off successfully. While I was still concerned about my backhands, I managed to do pretty well during my league game. I even ended up on the backhand side of a couple zone offenses and didn’t turn it over. Also, in the land of “Katherine can learn after eight years of doing it,” I threw over the top of a trap-zone situation. It was a wing and a prayer throw, but it worked and it was better than turning it over where I was.