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Sloths do move…

Strange Maps very often has cool things. Today’s post answers an interesting question. If the entire population of the US were compressed to the population density of Brooklyn, what state would we fit into? The answer is the United States of Brooklyn, NH That’s something to keep in mind when writing about enclosed populations like space stations or futuristic super-cities. (Of course, I’m assuming that this scenario includes room for public works.)

Working through changes on the first 10K of Zeta Iota at a slow pace. This book, this project, is hard semi-military sci-fi and my vocabulary in this genre isn’t extensive. I think I need to revise my reading list* to include more sci-fi and less Victorian mysteries. Or at least try to find a balance between the two. To be honest, while the Conan Doyle biography is good, I’m just not feeling it at the moment. I need a change of pace in my reading material. Plus, I should finish the Dune novels one of these days. (And yes, I pretty much wrote this same post back in December. I read one Warhammer 40K book and then went back to my “comfy” reading space.)

*I’m surprised the reading list has lasted this long. While I’m fickle about starting and finishing books, I’m doubly fickle when it comes to sticking to structured plans which I am in sole charge of.