Introversion & Online Presence; also other stuff.

This journal goes pretty quiet when nothing new is going on.

I’m still trying to find a happy medium between working on the novel projects and my own for-fun writing projects (#FridayFlash, 52/250, Pas de Chat). After five years of world building, Eric is still coming up with tweaks for Weordan. I’ll deal with those when I need to. Plotting the course of the "romantic" relationships in Divine Fire has illuminated false acting on the part of my characters. Bringing actions and intent into alignment has been good, though I’m snail-slow at making changes.

For the first time in ages, I felt really good playing disc yesterday. Wednesday disc has moved to mornings for a few months. Rough getting up and making my hands work properly at 6am, but the weather is fantastic. Honestly, we’ve had a really nice spring. Which makes the rise in my SRP bill compared to last year that much more painful.

Also contemplating the balance between online presence and being offline, which I suppose is particularly in vogue right now. There are those that think the internet is rotting our brains, and others who think we’re going to be okay (the Wall Street Journal has a pretty good set of pro-/con- articles). I fall into the "pro" internet group for the most part. Yes, the internet is changing us, but the change isn’t going to be all bad or all good. Ultimately, this is how civilization evolves. It’s not going away, so really it’s a matter of how you cope with the growing interconnectedness of our world. Like so many other things, it’s up to the individual to look at what’s going on in their own life and make changes if changes are needed.

I don’t own a cellphone. I don’t care for the intrusive nature of phones to begin with so having a phone with me at all times isn’t something I want, despite the occasionally handy nature of them. I do participate quite a bit in social media. I have this journal. I have fiction up on various sites. I have a Facebook and a Twitter account. For me as an introvert, it doesn’t matter if socializing is face to face or online. Social media exhausts me. I feel that I need to continuously keep the online side of my life going; chatting, promoting, consuming good stuff, but I burn out very easily. I have trouble pacing my involvement, and instead it’s all or nothing from me.  I don’t have an exact solution for this at the moment.

I’ve also cultivated a tendency to do too many things at once. A couple weeks back I was approving messages for the VOTS message board and scheduling tweets about open play and updating the calendar when I approved a message I shouldn’t have. Not good. I find myself spread between several things quite often. Maybe the generation weened on Twitter (or whatever’s next) will handle that sort of thing better than I do. For me, I need to be aware of when I have five things going at once and finish one thing at a time.